Nathaniel Coleman


With a degree in Geoscience from Tarleton State Univeristy, Nathaniel is currently a Staff Geologist with EE&G. Nathaniel is assists with the execution of site remediation and assessment activities. Nathaniel also assists in preparing assessment reports for field activities and reviewing lab data for quality control.

Areas of Expertise-

  • Documentation and reporting of field observations;

  • Soil sampling (grab sampling and EPA Method 5035 sampling);

  • Well-bore logging and soil sample screening;

  • Monitor well installation;

  • Groundwater modeling;

  • Groundwater plume delineation;

  • Groundwater gauging/sampling activities;

  • Environmental data review, field data interpretation and report preparation;

  • Equipment setup and operation, trouble shooting, repairs and maintenance associated with remedial systems;

  • MDPE operations;

  • Air sampling;

  • Monitor well plugging and abandonment;

  • Experienced with the use of field devices such as Sniffer 302 Explosimeter, Photo Ionization Detector (PID), down-hole pumps, level loggers, peristaltic pumps, manometers, anemometers, groundwater/LNAPL interface probes and other necessary instruments;