EE&G, Inc. (Environmental Engineering and Geotechnics) has been providing effective regulatory, assessment and remedial solutions for our clients environmental requirements since 1987. Our highly professional and personal staff are ready to handle all of your environmental needs today.


Mark Stammer, has joined our Executive Leadership Team as Senior Vice President of Marketing and Acquisitions. Mark Stammer is joining us after serving our country for over 37 years, most recently as the Commanding General of the United States Army South. We could not be more excited to have Mark on board and look forward to the insight and expertise he brings! 

"I wanted to serve, not just be employed. I wanted to belong to something greater than the sum of its parts. I wanted opportunities to contribute to meaningful endeavors and outcomes. I wanted to be among people, young people in the workplace working side by side to achieve, to win. The United States Army afforded me the opportunity for all of those things, and as I begin a new career, I found an organization where I will have the chance to impart those same passions. I feel that same sense of purpose at my new company, EE&G Inc., Environmental Services."  

   - Mark Stammer