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Mobile Dual Phase Extraction (MDPE)

EE&G, Inc. currently owns and operates a fleet of MDPE trailers. The trailers simultaneously extract liquid and vapor from the subsurface under high vacuum. Upon retrieval from the subsurface, liquid and vapors enter a knockout chamber that separates the two. Liquid is either transferred to storage containers for off-site disposal or routed though EE&G's water treatment units/trailers for final discharge. Effluent vapors are treated to below applicable permit standards using electric catalytic oxidizers and subsequently discharged to the atmosphere. 

MDPE has several advantages over other volatile organic compound (VOC) remediation systems. Below are some advantages that can accomplish lower cost site closure in less time than most conventional remediation techniques. 

  • Mobile Units - All units are trailer mounted and can target multiple portions of the contaminant plume(s) during events;

  • HIgh Vacuum- Negative vacuum pressures can reach as high as 28 inches of mercury, thus promotes VOC recovery from most geolgical settings;

  • Portable Power Source - All trailers run off of portable generators; therefore, no onsite power supply required;

  • Enhanced vapor recovery which adds an additional state of Non Aqueous Phase Liquid (NAPL) to recovery volumes;

  • MDPE can be a tool used to assist with natural attenuation of contaminant plumes;

  • No onsite maintenance cost- EE&G provides an all inclusive service that requires no long term maintenance cost of a fixed system;

  • No Decommissioning Cost - EE&G's trailers eliminate the need for costly system decommissioning once site closure is achieved;

  • Large Radius of Influence in most geological settings;

  • High Efficiency 300-600 SCFM Oxidizers;

  • Adjustable Groundwater Production - Drawdown can be adjusted to accommodate remediation goals and specific hydrogeological needs;

  • Utilization of Existing Monitoring/Recovery Wells - All trailers can accommodate monitor wells from 2 - 6 inches in diameter as extraction points; 

  • Small Foot Print With No Disruption of Business - Most units require as little as two parking spots to operate. Active businesses can remain open and producing revenue during remediation operations;

  • Setup Time - EE&G's MDPE systems can be set up and recovering VOC's in as little as one hour.  


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