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Bruce Britten

As Executive Vice President of EE&G, Mr. Britten is responsible for the technical oversight of all EE&G's Texas operations.  Mr. Britten is responsible for the coordination of day to day and long-term corporate obligations in Geologic sciences.  Mr. Britten supervises and manages project personnel in the areas of subsurface investigations, groundwater monitoring/sampling, risk assessment, remedial system design, MDPE and numerous other technical tasks.  In addition to his personnel and project management roles, Mr. Britten is charged with senior level geological analysis and technical evaluations on a wide variety of EE&G projects throughout the continental United States.  Mr. Britten facilitates and executes some of EE&G’s most challenging environmental projects as they relate to complex geologic systems and site integrations. 


Mr. Britten has a wide range of technical expertise spanning the fields of Geologic Science, Environmental Geology, Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology.  His technical specialties range from turnkey management of multi-faceted geologic programs to design, development and implementation of simple and complex remediation systems related to impacted soils and groundwater.  In addition, Mr. Britten is considered EE&G’s premier expert in the field of leaking underground storage tank projects.  He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in implementing technically sound and cost effective solutions to even the most challenging petroleum storage tank release project.  Incorporating underground storage tank (UST) program management, Limited Environmental Site Assessments, Comprehensive Risk Based Assessments, Phase I, II and III environmental site assessments, Texas Risk Reduction Program and associated Affected Property Assessment, project management, soil and groundwater investigations and sampling, aquifer pump testing, dual phase extraction testing, system design and implementation, MDPE, environmental drilling, groundwater modeling, technical reporting, client and regulatory interaction, Mr. Britten has successfully managed over 200 leaking petroleum storage tank programs throughout Texas and neighboring states.  Mr. Britten’s technical expertise in these areas has made him well known in the regulated community and one of the top environmental professionals in the geologic field within the State of Texas.  Mr. Britten has 20 years of in depth PST and LPST work in the state of Texas.  As a result, Mr. Britten has an expansive working knowledge of TCEQ regulations, guidance, reporting requirements and procedures.

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